5 Ways to Style Your Cute Short Hair

5 Ways to Style Your Cute Short Hair

Short hair is fuss-free, easy to style and requires minimal maintenance.

However, a few of our friends complain that they feel restricted when it comes to styling short hair. Do you feel the same? Then allow me to surprise you as well!

Short hair is quite playful and there are a whole lot of crazy ways to style it. Be it work, brunch or a party, you can surely create some of the most eye-catching looks with your freshly chopped hair. Read on to know how!

Pixie Cut

We liked her with longer tresses, but Maggie Grace’s pixie haircut is a real breather. It’s fun, flirty and elegant. Her platinum blonde enhances the updated look. 



The Pixie cut is surprisingly versatile. From A-grade Hollywood celebrities to fashion models and socialites, everyone is giving us major inspiration to flaunt this trailblazing haircut.

Blunt Cut

Forever fashion favourite, blunt haircut works best on a shiny, straight hair. Blunt bob is the trend of the year. Eternalized by Jourdan Dunn, this sharp haircut sits right above the collarbone and comes with dramatic angled layers. Add ombre effect to soften the effect.



Retro fans, you can also copy Winnie Harlow’s style. Her blunt-haircut with straight-across bangs gives us MAJOR GOALS.

Half Bun

Do you think half bun hairstyle is too crude or girl-like? The answer is NO. Half bun rocks! It makes your hair look amazing in no time. Shorter hair locks make the style less OTT. However, long-haired beauties can flaunt it too. Bonus: if you have thin, this style adds waviness to your hair making it look more voluminous. Voila!



Beachy Waves

Beachy hair doesn’t always mean long hair. Short-haired damsels can rock beach waves too. For cues, follow Ashley Benson; her bohemian curls are beach-perfect. However, while curling, don’t forget to leave the ends out. Once you are done, brush through your locks and transform them into soft beachy waves. It will instantly add an air of edge to your look.



Accessorize, Accessorize and Accessorize!!!

Sometimes you don’t have time for a haircut or elaborate blowouts – turban headbands for adults come to the rescue. They are fun and a comfortable way to accessorize short hair in a jiffy. Even pixie cuts can be styled with these iconic twist knot headbands.



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