90’s Hair Accessories That Are Back in 2019

90’s Hair Accessories That Are Back in 2019

Real talk: It was magical to live in the ’90s.

Everything was brighter, bigger and better. The same holds for hair accessories; glittery butterfly clips, neon velvet scrunchies, oversized bows, thick embroidered headbands and jewelled barrettes dominated the racks. And we still love them. Yes, we are yet to get over the craze: watch how fashion heavyweights, like Versace, Prada and Gucci have incorporated these ’90s staples in their latest fashion shows!

Unsurprisingly, ’90s hair accessories reappeared from the past and are now fetching fashion brownie points. Scroll ahead to run your eyes through some of our favourite 90s hair accessories that are killin’ it in 2019:

Chic Velvet Scrunchies

Agreed or not, we loved them then and now! They were available in myriad colours and we couldn’t stop hoarding them all. Wear them with almost anything. They are ADORABLE.



Cute Butterfly Clips

Want to relive those exciting teenage years? Let us help you there! These trendy set of butterfly clips will take you down the memory lane (of course through the happier ones). Clip them on your braids and pose like a 90s diva: guaranteed likes.



Padded Headbands for Girls

For vintage vibes, try flower headbands for women; our Peru Black headband is an absolute charmer. Entwined with tropical flowers on a black background, this padded headpiece is born to please. The gorgeous floral printed fabric underneath adds to the beguiling effect.



Ornate Barrettes

The 90’s decade witnessed a steady rise of barrettes. Why? Because they were cheap, colourful and kitschy! You will often find young girls sporting an array of ornate barrettes with matching outfits. Today, barrettes are enjoying resurgence as myriad celebrities and fashion stalwarts are embracing the look once again. Social media also plays a key role.



Hair Combs

Do you remember the sporty spice look? The ’90s was all about sporty girls who wanted to keep off their hair away from their face. A hair comb was an easy fix. Today, with athleisure being in prime focus, no wonder hair combs are making a comeback. Plus, they are not only ideal for the gym. You can wear them to events and dinner with friends as well. Embellished hair combs are quite popular now.



Metallic Claw Clips

A claw clip is designed to hold your hair together. Thus, a perfect hair accessory to swear by on those bad hair days! To create statement looks, try pastel coloured outfits and let the metallic clip do the talking! 


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