Claire Denim Blue : Why Is It The Bestseller?

Claire Denim Blue : Why Is It The Bestseller?

Embellished turban headbands are BACK! They are bigger and brighter than ever before. Go glamorous, go rocker or go flower child; with our eclectic collection of turban headbands for adults, the options are pretty endless.

The best part is, however, there are no rules for styling them. You can play with your sun-kissed tresses the way you like. Keep your hair loose, half-tie or make a low bun, our trendy headbands will surely glam up your look while adding a dash of eccentricity. Joey & Pooh headbands are the easiest way to accessorize your hair or fix bad hair days. Ideal for festivals, parties, sundowners and holidays!



Ahead, we will talk about our debut product: Claire Denim Blue headbandthe first-ever handmade turban headband. No wonder, this particular piece is very close to our hearts and has been a bestseller since its launch in 2016. The intricate detailing of art deco embellished leaves on the headpiece is straight out of the world; courtesy skilled artisans. Their immaculate craftsmanship is strikingly evident on each piece of our Claire Denim Blue headbands. Plus, the geometrical mustard printed lining exudes finesse and neatness of handiwork. An absolute head-turner!

Talking of colours, the white and golden embroidery set against denim blue background exudes bold yet feminine vibes. However, the choice of colour was quite tricky at first. If you follow societal norms and notions, you’d know how blue has always been restricted for boys and pink for girls. Even today, blue is often associated with masculinity. Thus, a couple of years back, when we decided to launch our first headband, we can’t help but agree we were sceptical. At that time, we didn’t know how our product, i.e. denim blue in colour will be received by the masses. After all, we specialize in hair accessories that are strictly feminine in nature. Fortunately, the launch of Joey & Pooh headbands was highly successful and Claire Denim Blue headband soon became a bestseller. Breaking the myth that “blue colour is only for boys” was no mean feat but we are happy we could do that.





Today, Claire Denim Blue headband is a statement headpiece artfully crafted with love. It’s a refreshing take on doing headbands in offbeat colours. Frankly speaking, we’re still crushing over it. The subtle medley of colours, the on-point embellishment and the super luxurious crepe fabric still tuck the inner chords of our hearts. And why not! This particular headpiece keeps us going through the day as well as night. It is versatile and quirky and girls, of all ages, can effortlessly style it up or down, depending on the occasion and season.

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