Cute Knotted Headbands That Are Making a Comeback

Cute Knotted Headbands That Are Making a Comeback

Come autumn and all our crop tops and bikinis are stashed away in favour of textured sweaters, statement jackets and chunky leather boots – meaning fall fashion is all about elaborate layers and oversized garbs. However, twist knot headbands remain a favourite accessory of all seasons; while holding your hair back, they add a subtle polish to your otherwise modest ensemble. Dressed up or down, a cute headpiece is like an icing on a gorgeous cake: expect minimal effort but maximum impact.

Ahead, we’ve narrowed down some of our latest knotted headbands that transform your hair into something close to a masterpiece (not kidding):

Eva Silver Drops

If you’ve seen a social media influencer rocking a snazzy headband and paused to think ‘wow, so pretty’, it’s probably from Joey and Pooh. The brand’s exquisite assortment includes an array of dazzling headpieces that feature various types of embellishments (like these beads and sequins) and a teeny knot on the top.



Eva Silver Drops from Joey and Pooh is full of gleaming sequins, beads and adorning fringes. Thus, ideal for weddings and cocktail nights!

Vanessa Green

Think of tropical flowers, bright colours and holiday vibes! The Vanessa Green headband ticks all the boxes mentioned and looks radiant indeed. No doubt, it’s a perfect vacation accessory filled with trending pearls and wildflower embellishments.



While styling the headpiece, let your creativity flow free. Sure you can wear it with fancy jumpsuits, but we would suggest you think out of the box and slip into a simple mini-dress. This will instantly make your whole attire scream ‘dreamy’.

Meghan Peach

For princess vibes, try Meghan Peach headband available in a light nude shade. Adorned with pearls and stones, the headband speaks volume, flamboyance and royalty. It adds a more luxe feel as well: courtesy the premium fabric and the pastel shade.



The best way to style these headbands is by donning a neat bun, a floral maxi dress and minimal makeup. If you want to emulate the blue bloods, try puffed sleeve dresses and gowns. The outcome would be spectacular.

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