Headbands: The Chic Hair Accessory You Need to Buy in Every Color

Headbands: The Chic Hair Accessory You Need to Buy in Every Color

If you are one for hair styling and accessorising, then the ones among hair accessories for women you must own, in as many colours as possible, are headbands. The classy piece of cloth or metal or even plastic, which helps keep hair off your face, can be much more than just a school-time essential. It can be a statement making accessory to enhance your attire and add to your personality.

Be it twist knot headbands, or designer Turban Headbands, or embroidered headbands, you name it, it will look amazing on your outfit and enhance your looks.

Black headband

To begin with, black headbands, look chic and sassy. They are a must-have in your dresser for that office look or the going-to- the-market- to –buy- groceries look. Black headbands go with any coloured dress, but preferably black footwear, would go best with it. A canary yellow coat or sweater would get enhanced with a black velvet headband.

Sea Green headband

This is a rare colour and it has to be worn with much care and choice. Preferably, a white dress or shirt would be great for you to buy and sport a sea green headband with. Sea green could also go with a lighter shade of green or even a black shirt or black dress. If it is being paired with a black dress, jewels or pearls on the headband would enhance the look and make you appear much more elegant than a plain headband would.

Blue embellished headband

The blue embellished headband can be a deal maker or a deal beaker depending on how you wear it and what you pair it with. It will go well with a matching blue tunic or a white shirt and a blue skirt or denims. But your headband must be paired with the right kind of shoes so consult your friend when you dress up with this one.

Mustard yellow headband

This is a great colour to have in your wardrobe but a colour you won’t be wearing frequently. But do not be saddened. If you have the resources, please invest in a white shirt that can go with this hair accessory. And matching shoes, if possible. A matching bracelet or earrings will add to your look as well.

These are only some of the colours mentioned but headbands of all colours are the trend right now. They are easy to carry around and lovely to wear. And do not forget to check out Joey and Pooh’s vast collection of amazing headbands today.
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