How Celebs Flaunt The ‘90s Headband Today

How Celebs Flaunt The ‘90s Headband Today

Hi guys! Want a little more validation for sporting your amazing fashion headband for adults?
Here is a list spelling out how wonderfully bold and beautiful the headband looks on so many celebrities who dared to flaunt headbands, hair accessories for women last popular in the 1990s.

Take any style you want, from the women’s turban style headband to a simple satin ribbon tied around your crown. Headbands have made a massive comeback in the market and the fashion world for reasons very obvious. They have both utility and exude inimitable style!



“The popular and hit sitcom, Gossip Girl, created quite the stir with one of its quintessential characters, Blair Waldorf always wearing her signature headbands”, says a report.



The headband was given a royal touch recently when Kate Middleton, who has been sporting the accessory for quite some time now, made her appearance in a pearl and floral-embellished white one at the baptism of her youngest child.


Legendary fashion icon and designer, Coco Chanel, who started her journey as a hat maker, was a fan of the hot headpiece. So was popular actor Grace Kelly who has several times sported headbands as accessories.



Actors like Deepika Padukone are in love with the headband, pairing a black knot one with a dazzling polka dotted maxi and Alia Bhatt sported a shimmery gold one on the sets of a reality television dance show.

The Ramp

And finally, the accessory has time travelled from the 1990s to current fashion trendsetting houses such as Givenchy, Ralph and Russo, and Prada.

What designers have to say this season

Designers and stylists have been great proponents of the headband this season. Some say they enhance the wedding look if worn on loose tresses or a bun.

Others say they love the headband, especially embellished ones, because it gives your look both a retro and classic feel and acts as a hair transformer. On the contrary, padded headbands or a simple ribbon one can make you look contemporary and modern.


Headbands can quirk up your ensembles like no other accessory can. They are easy on the pocket and have great utility too. A headband, is thus, a must have in your wardrobe or dresser and if you do not own one already, do check out the Joey and Pooh website for an amazing array of stylish headbands on sale.
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