Iconic Pearl Headbands and Bobby Pins

Iconic Pearl Headbands and Bobby Pins

At Joey and Pooh HQ, we are obsessed with hair accessories for women. Everyone knows they are an absolute must-have when it comes to spicing up your look. Be it twinkling hair barrettes, flashy bobby pins or pearl-embellished headbands for girls, you can hardly go wrong adding them in your style repertoire. Plus, teaming them up with fancy attires and shoes will earn you brownie points from your loyal admirers.

Tempted to know more? Scroll ahead to dig into some super cool hair accessories that are vintage and sassy, at the same time:

Pearl Headbands

Take a walk down your memory lane and you will find yourself clad in a gaudy princess frock and a chunky, padded headband in rich jewel tones! Embellished headbands were in vogue then and they are still trending. It’s true: we can never get enough of these embellished headbands. Plus, styling them is a piece of cake; glam up your look just by adding an oversized pearl headband matched with a suitable wrap dress or an LBD with minimal makeup and see how heads turn.



For recommendations, take a look at our Louis Pearl headbands available in two beautiful muted shades of pink and grey.

Jewelled barrettes

We loved them then and we still love them now! Barrettes are statement hair accessories that instantly makes you feel like a diva. Be open to experiments and pop up different designs and embellishments now and then. While they look gorgeous on sleek, long hair, you should try them with ponytail looks and top knots as well. Either way, they will fetch you attention!



Bobby pins

Let your hair do all the talking with these quirky set of bobby pins, available in a fabulous array of colours. They are an instant conversation starter! They look good on both neat and messy hair. You can use them on a well-made braid or to hold your ponytail; they might look tiny in size but they will surely grab the eyeballs. Give them a shot today!



Glittery butterfly clips

Want to relive your teenage years? Try these cute, little butterfly clips and slay in style. They take you back to that period of ’90s when everything was larger than life. We love that era. So, given the chance, we would recommend you to stock up these pretty hair accessories in various shades so that you have a colour to match every outfit and occasion.


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