Joey & Pooh Recommends 5 Fashion Influencers to Watch Out For in 2020

Joey & Pooh Recommends 5 Fashion Influencers to Watch Out For in 2020

Becoming a fashion influencer is not easy. It takes loads of patience, grit, determination and a sense of aesthetics developed over time to strike a cord with the right audience and the right following. In India, there are only a few influencers who truly exert an influence and a sway. Here is a list of five top influencers to watch out for in 2020.

House of Misu

The House of Misu is the account of fashion influencers Mitali and her best friend Summiyya. The two started the digital platform to express the inspiration they took from the places they travelled to and the people they met along their journeys.

When the two started House of Misu, they were not sure what it would be but they slowly began with designing clothes and digital marketing and things just clicked. Almost 8 years since then, today there are around 7 people working as a team focused on brand building for House of Misu.

The Chique Factor

Roshni Bhatia, the face behind the ultra popular account The Chique Factor, is a single mother who has been running her blog incessantly for years now. Elegance and confidence are her mantras and her attire is her calling card.
Delhi-based Bhatia has numerous tricks up her sleeve to make everything she wears a little more glamorous than it originally was, be it with that chic handbag or matching boots paired with a long skirt, slit et al.


Founded in 2013, for the love of all things fashionable, LoveAndOtherBugs is arguably one of Mumbai’s most successful fashion blogs. Kayaan Contractor and Shereen Sikka, both of who run the blog, are super comfortable with each other and this shows in their sartorial choices.
They try to keep their content relatable and wearable, the secret to their popularity. Kayaan runs and Shereen dances and does yoga. Both of them are very particular about the fact that no one has the right to judge others for what they wear.


The 29-year-old Delhi based Aien Jamir follows the “how” one-wears-her-outfits philosophy. From Nagaland, Jamir founded her fashion blog titled ‘Fashion and I’ in 2011 and she owns a clothing store on Facebook that she started in 2011 itself.
She firmly believes in authenticity while dressing up and she is very confident about her persona. She markets her products through her blog, Facebook and Instagram and she says she does not judge people for their style, but she does rate them.


This Mumbai-based interior designer is going places with her super popular Instagram account and blog. Making style look a matter of effortlessness, she flaunts her beautiful and fashionable clothes alongside stunning décor.
From her accounts, it seems like she travels places and is a great fan of luxury and iconic brands. She has also featured in the famous fashion magazine Vogue for her ultra popular fashion Instagram account.
So, there you have this wonderful list of the best fashion influencers in India right now. And you will be glad to know that one of them, House of Misu, has even endorsed Joey and Pooh headbands and hair accessories for women.
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