See How Hollywood Is Obsessed with the Headband Trend

See How Hollywood Is Obsessed with the Headband Trend

The headband trend is back and even bigger!

This year, red-carpet stalwarts (including Jessica Alba and Elle Fanning) have been spotted donning classic headbands. Padded, embellished or wrapped, headpieces of all sorts are gaining accolades amongst the mega-influencer community and we can’t be happier!

The most remarkable iteration came from the famous Prada Spring-Summer 2019 runway show, where we saw models ramp walk in extra-puffy, oversized headbands in an assortment of prints, designs and colours. A few were even adorned with embellishments, like pearls, sequins and studs.

Ahead, we’ve pulled together our favourite celebrity looks – featuring fashion headbands for adults. Add one of them to your vanity NOW!

Jessica Alba

This Hollywood starlet restored the classic black headband to its former glory. Renowned for her creative sartorial choices, Jessica Alba added a dash of drama with that extra volume at the crown. She completed the look with red lips and hoop earrings. Take cues from her and shine on!



Elle Fanning

With a stunning magenta bow headband over a volumized bouffant hairdo, Fanning created a playful statement –stressing add-ons are still the rage. This ’60s inspired look was an instant crowd-puller; the glittery, bright pink Rodarte gown, the cute magenta headband, the shimmering L’Oréal lip gloss and rose-hued eye shadow typically channelled her inner Barbie attribute.



Imaan Hammam

Want to radiate out princess vibe? Let Imaan Hammam inspire you. For the Met Gala’s red carpet event, she had one of the best fashion moments clad in a gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress and gaudy crown. It was her very first Met Ball and she dazzled everyone.

The theme of that year was tech-forward. Though the dress was the perfect embodiment of a conventional sci-fi movie, it was the beautiful butterfly headdress that had our heart! The gilded crown is just what dreams are made up of!



Willow Smith

Known for her quirky style, Willow Smith was once spotted flaunting a gold horseshoe nose ring, a rainbow headband and her signature short dreadlocks while leaving a market in California. The outfit was super casual, including a long black T-shirt, red and black track pants and a cosy pair of socks.

This street-style inspired look instantly drove her followers to go bonkers. They poured out their appreciation through likes and comments on her social media accounts. The look was accessorized with an eccentric charm necklace.




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