Sporting a Headband: Headbands Worn by Men at The Games

Sporting a Headband: Headbands Worn by Men at The Games

Fans of the headband, you have competition from the men around. For see how stylishly men sport the headband at the games.
Yes, we are in love with the twist knot adult headbands and turban headbands for adults, but the headband as an accessory is not restricted to a women’s wardrobe. It has been appropriated by the male sporting star.

Demario Davis

Take the famous New Orleans Saints line-backer Demario Davis who sported a beige headband with the message – Man of God –at the September 22 NFL football match last year.
It is a different matter that he was asked to pay a fine for sporting a personal message on his headband. However, the headband has become the accessory of the sporting personality this season.

Roger Federer

And, of course, how can we forget the ultra famous tennis player Roger Federer who since the 2000s has been sporting black and white (and blue and maroon) sweat headbands on and off court, making this a personal style statement. 
A sweat headband is often worn by athletes and sporting stars to keep sweat from falling into their eyes and distracting them. It is also a form of brand endorsement because it is a piece of clothing worn around the crown, just above the face, and clearly visible to cameras.

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi too has sported the quintessential hair accessory when he was young and heady, the time he declared, and rightly so, that “image is everything”.
Sporting a headband matching his fluorescent sport bag, Agassi is seen in an iconic picture signing autographs for young fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Also, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen sporting a wiry thin black hairband over slick back-combed hair that left fans guessing over the sudden change in style. 


Mike Scott, Jrue Holiday, Jimmy Butler and Montrezl Harrell all wore the “Karate Kid” headband at the NBA games last year. Different from the elastic bands most sportspersons wear, these NBA players sported ninja-style tied-at-the-back headbands on court out of a newly found love for the sporting accessory.
So, if you love sports and you also are a fan of grooming and dressing well, you might as well try this style. Adopting the headband craze is the new normal in the sporting world. You have seen the greats do it, so why not you?
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