The Perfect Wedding Look

The Perfect Wedding Look

Hi guys! It is the wedding season and it is imperative that we put out what we feel about the perfect wedding look. It is important for the bride to feel as good about herself as she does on any other day. And for that preparations need to be made. In earnest. Here is a guide to getting wedding ready with the best hair accessories out there.

Personal Style

When you begin your search for the perfect accessories, including hair accessories for women, remember you should go in for a line of accessories which define your personal style in the deepest sense.  If you are the beach loving kinds, then go for the perfect starfish hair comb and if you are simplistic, then go for the subtle turban headband or twist knot headband.

The Wedding Dress


On your wedding day, the most important part of your persona will be your wedding dress. So choose it carefully. It will determine the rest of your ensemble, from your hair accessories to your shoes. So if you are going in for a simple dress with minimal embellishments, you can go in for heavily jewelled hair accessories and equally matching salaries. If you have a heavily embroidered dress, go in for simplistic ornamentation.

Colour – Gold or Silver or White

When choosing your wedding colour, there are only three colours to choose from. Whichever of the three, gold, silver or white (ranging from ivory to off-white and even a light shade of beige), you choose, you will be spoilt for choice when you start to choose a matching purse or bracelet. So ensure there is colour coordination in your attire. And do not forget to get a hint of matching make up done as well.

Hair Accessory

When choosing hair accessories, remember, they act as jewellery for your hair. And when you are deciding to choose to ornament your hair, you might as well spend money on it. You can choose to go in for a bridal comb or a headband or tiara which can create a classic retro and traditional look. You can also choose to go au natural by pinning up flowers to your tresses. 



Now that you have the perfect dress, hair accessory and hairstyle, you must search for the perfect jewellery set as well. Your bridal jewellery must match your hair ornaments and the designs on your dress for you to achieve that perfect look. And the metal colour should match the colour of your dress so nothing looks amiss. Try to go in for a complete set with bracelets and toe rings too.

There you go, you have the perfect bride right there!
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