This Raksha Bandhan Spread Love and Joy With These Cool Gifts Ideas

This Raksha Bandhan Spread Love and Joy With These Cool Gifts Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is coming and this year though the world is shrouded by uncertainly and anxiety, we are not letting the darkness creep into our hearts. We will be celebrating Rakhi with love and the pledge to protect sister dearest.
In fact this year let’s take a pledge to stand by each other. Rakhi symbolizes a bond between brother and sister, and this year let’s strengthen the bond a bit more and make each other smile with some memorable gifts that you both are going to cherish forever.

No matter which occasion we celebrate, thoughtful gifts always add a touch of extra sweetness to the whole celebration. But, we often have a problem picking out that one particular gift that has the power to make someone feel special. So, if you are wondering what gift to choose for your precious sibling, let us help you out.

Here are a  couple of suggestions we have compiled for both brothers and sisters

Rakhi gifts for your sister

Before we proceed further the honorary mention should go to the good old chocolates, which come in many shapes and forms and which as a brother you must gift your sister, so we are not dwelling on that. Chocolate is a token of love which you brothers dare not forget on this special day.
Now let’s move on to the real gifts

Junk jewelry: Let’s be very honest here girls love jewelry and we are not talking about gold necklaces here, just some junk jewelry items that she can pair with her outfits. You can choose anything, pieces made of fabric, metal, alloy, or oxidized silver sets would bring a special smile to her face. Just be sure what she likes, chunky pieces or, something delicate. Install a shopping app and you will be flooded with options.

A little suggestion here, go for neutral tones that she could pair up with different colored outfits. You can be sure to find something in your budget and you can also pick a pair of earrings or, bracelets, instead of an entire set.
 If she has tons of jewelry already then give her cool hair accessories like a bandana. You can find Embellished turban headbands or, some other hair styling accessories online as well.

Handbags: Another favorite item of hers, a girl can never have too many bags or purses. Yes, she might not be going out now but, she will once everything goes back to normal. So gift her a slick sling bag in silver or gold hue that she would love to sport at parties. Maybe an embroidered handbag, or, a clutch. Just consult your budget and go shopping online.
Those two were very traditional yet, winning ideas now check out some offbeat ones (not including the personalized coffee mug)

Accessories for her gadgets:

You can easily find some beautiful phone accessories including phone covers online. Bluetooth speakers, desktop organizers, wireless keyboard or mouse, car mount, wireless e-buds every single thing counts. Just go for it and she will love it. If she loves reading then gift her a Kindle.

Home decor: If she is married she would definitely appreciate you giving her a beautiful sculpture for the living room, or, a nice table accent. You could also surprise her with lovely cushions, ceramic mug sets, or, exquisite dinner sets. If nothing else then give her beautiful scented candles, which come in lovely colors and aroma that will soothe her mind.

Gift hampers: If you are still not very sure about gifts, and feeling a little iffy then go for gift hampers. Nothing works like magic than a customized box full of goodies that she would love to open and be pleasantly surprised.
You can work on so many ideas here, if she is into skincare and keeps on buying items randomly then gift her a skincare set, many brands run offers on gift sets and you can easily find something in your budget.
If she loves having tea then gift her special tea hampers, or, one with handmade soaps, you could make a hamper yourself with a mix of everything she loves like dry fruits, flowers, cookies, and her favorite perfume finished off with a handmade card. She would cherish it forever. You can also find sister gift baskets online, and pick any from there.

So those were some cool ideas for your sister.

Rakhi gifts for your brother

Now ladies let’s brainstorm together to come up with some nice gifts to show how much you appreciate your bro.

Accessories: It turns out that men love their accessories as much as women. So, you can easily go and buy a nice statement watch that he would proudly flaunt on his wrist. You can go for designer watches or, if you want something within budget then the best idea would be to shop online where you can find a good collection along with discounts. A little tip here, try something in leather they just love it. You can also gift him a steel bracelet or, a nice tie. the choice is yours, you can also gift him a nice leather purse to go with his leather watch.

Desk accessories: Whether he is working or, studying he could do with a little help, so give him a desk organizer. You can also opt for items like expensive pen sets, journals, or, a cool penholder, he would love it. A nice table lamp would be great too.

Gadgets for your brother: You can gift him a coffee machine if he is a coffee addict, he would appreciate this because he can do it himself. USB nightlight for his laptop would be another thoughtful gift. If he loves to entertain guests, then an outdoor pizza oven would be a thoughtful gift.

But, here is something he would just love that is a Smartphone sanitizer, especially now when we need to stay healthy and be cautious. It would help him keep his phone free from any germs. However, if he is staying alone then a breakfast sandwich maker would be a lifesaver for him. 

Grooming kits: Let’s be honest men love to groom themselves too, so pamper your bro with a nice grooming kit. There are numerous options available, you can pick from essential grooming items like shaving items, face and body care items set. There are exclusive perfume sets available too which he is going to love (especially for going on dates). Some hampers come with an assortment of items like a tie, belt, and perfume. Some hampers contain grooming gadgets as well, so, go through the available items and select the one your bro needs most.

Fitness Equipment: If your brother is super into fitness then you can gift something that he would appreciate. Now that he cannot go to the gym he might love dumbbell sets, a suspension kit, or, an upper body workout bar to stay in shape. A core fitness strength training system would just be as wonderful. No matter what you pick, do not forget to include some trendy gym clothes to complete the package.

Above mentioned ideas are just to help you get started on your gift shopping journey, if you like any of these then great and if you feel that you need something extra special then go online to find plenty of items that are meant to spread happiness this Rakshabandhan.

Remember gifts are just tokens of love, the true gift is the love and care you have for each other, so this Rakhi strengthen your bond to keep every stress at bay and celebrate the day with love and happiness.
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