Ways to Keep Your Headband on All Day

Ways to Keep Your Headband on All Day

A fan of the headband? So are we! It is the funkiest of hair accessories there are out there and it is also one of the most democratic one. In the sense, everyone can afford them and flaunt them with ease. It is accessible to all, it comes in all colours and sizes and materials ranging from modal to plastic to metal. And it enhances your facial profile like no other accessory does.

But today we are going to discuss, in length, the best ways to keep the headband in place. Users report problems like the headband slipping off hair or sliding to the front or sides. So this write-up is for those who care for the way they look and for their accessories as well.

Add texture to your hair

If you have access to styling products at home, then there is no better solution to your hair problems than to add texture to your hair. Just spray a tiny bit of dry shampoo or a sea salt spray or some wax where the headband is supposed to be placed on your hair and see how perfectly still and in place it stays. The process is best suited to keep in place cloth hairbands that tend to slip down to your ponytail often.

Use bobby pins

You can also go a step further and use bobby pins to secure your headband to your crown. It is preferable if you use pins similar to your hair colour. This camouflages the pins within the folds of your tresses when you have secured the headband at the two spots right below the ears.This specially helps when you are jogging or at the treadmill.

A tie-it-up scarf

This is for those who love sporting hair scarves that they prefer tying up according to the circumference of their crown rather than going for readymade hairbands. There will be a knot, yes, but hey, have you not heard about twist knot adult headbands that are in vogue this year. 

Close to the hairline

Keep your headband close to the hairline so it is less likely to slip off at any given point in the day. Also, some headbands come with tiny rubber grips that keep them from slipping and sliding.
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