Why Online Shopping Eases our Stress

Why Online Shopping Eases our Stress

The world is fast moving to a way of life that will be the norm in a post-COVID world. Social distancing will become our new shared reality, and work from home a new way of working altogether. In such a situation, shopping too will undergo changes with a transformation likely in consumer behaviour.

With things looking grim, it is very obvious that consumers will prefer to shop online as much as they can. Something that was a choice earlier will now become the only available option soon. And with mental health issues on the rise because of lockdowns imposed by governments across the world to abate the spread of the disease, online shopping will only see a spike in the coming days. This is because retail therapy is a reality in our consumption-driven lives.

What is retail therapy?


Shopping is widely considered a therapeutic and stress relieving activity for more reasons than one. Human gratification is something that cannot be delayed. That is why the fast paced nature of online shopping is something that is not only tempting to shoppers but also acts as a calming antidote to stress or anxiety. The act of poring over pages and pages of product details on e-commerce stores quietens and diverts the mind from negative thoughts.

Why we shop online more readily than we go to the market?


Well there are so many reasons why we choose online over offline shopping. There is no money spent on travel and time is also saved. Moreover, the online shopping arena offers us infinite possibilities because it is a global market. Also, e-commerce stores offer heavy discounts because they can afford to since they have no establishment costs unlike brick and mortar stores.

Why shopping wins all the time?


“Many times, shopping relieves stress and anxiety, which can be useful for several individuals. Studies have shown that there are clear benefits to retail therapy. For example, a study conducted by Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found retail therapy in moderation to be beneficial, citing that regular shopping was connected to longer life spans,” says a report.

Ending Notes

And online shopping is the best medium to shop regularly because you can shop from the comfort of your couch, the metro train or even a not so interesting friend’s party. You can shop at night or day, and within a span of a few minutes. Moreover, when the parcel reaches home, it feels like someone has sent you a gift that you would love to open and get surprised. Joey and Pooh, one of the best online stores for embellished turban headbands, recommends you indulge in retail therapy once in a while.

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