Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have become our new reality. The world is recalibrating to a post COVID time where wearing gear like masks and observing social distancing will be the new norm. Offices are going digital with work from home as the most viable option.
Businesses across the world have taken a hit and they only now, in June, 2020, are beginning to recover. But shopping behaviour has undergone tremendous changes with more and more shoppers, both young and old, opting for online shopping for a slew of reasons.
  1. Convenience

Now, the primary reason why online shopping has become such a rage is that it is convenient. You can shop from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your bedroom, or while you are travelling or while you are holidaying. It is less time consuming and saves effort and travel expenses. And there are no time constraints.
However, that being said, offline shopping has its own advantages. You can check the quality of the product before buying it and in some cases you can haggle and bring down prices as well. Moreover, a trip to the market is therapeutic and a wonderful way to break the monotony of staying at home.
  1. Prices

Online shopping is any day cheaper because e-commerce stores save on establishment costs unlike shopkeepers and shopowners who either have to buy a shop or pay rent. So products have higher rates of discounts in an e-commerce shop.


Brick and mortar shops, however, to deal with competition from online stores, are nowadays offering great deals and discounts. Bargaining is also possible only in brick and mortar stores.
  1. Nature of market

Online shopping places before us what is essentially a buyer’s market with a diverse range of products sourced from all over the world. Online shopping offers an endless and infinite series of possibilities for a buyer and the market is vast and limitless.
Here brick and mortar stores loose out in the sense they can house only a limited range of products. However, for the focused and busy buyer, a store with a limited collection is more valuable than the whole world the Internet provides at our fingertips.

So, who is the winner? Well, there are no right answers and so we will have to make do with a great debate that somewhere shows an inclination towards online shopping. Joey and Pooh, a seller of women’s turban style headbands online, recommends you use the benefits of online shopping to the hilt this lockdown so you stay safe and kicking.
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