3 Different Ways to Flaunt Headbands for Girls

3 Different Ways to Flaunt Headbands for Girls

It is incredible how a cute little hair accessory can have such an astounding impact on your entire ensemble and personality. Yes, hair accessories for women play an integral role in spicing up your look. While chopping off those curls or opting for an unconventional hair colour may seem a bit unfeasible for you at the moment, there’s nothing that a set of chic hair accessories can’t fix. Just pop in some bobby pins or a sequined headband and own the day ladies!

Fashion headbands for adults are in trend nowadays. Though they are ’90s staple, high-end brands brought these vintage accessories back into the game. Prada and Zara introduced them to the runway this year. Plus, influencers and celebrities are tapping into them as well.

Ahead, we’ve charted down 3 ways to style your headband:

Classic Yet Basic Way

The fastest and easiest way to add spunk to your look is by donning a headband. Just slip it over your head and look irresistible. In winters, you can try wearing thick, padded headbands; they look extremely chic and can be worn during the day as well as night. Pick versions that are simple and classic and rock with minimal accessories. Instead, focus on layering well. Winters call for jackets, scarves and pullovers.



Formal Style

Do you still associate headbands with school days? You are not alone; most of our childhoods were spent wearing cute headbands. However, owing to their versatility aspect, they can be worn to formal events too.



Take cues from fashion-forward ladies, such as Audrey Hepburn, Paris Hilton, Kate Middleton and Emma Watson. See how effortlessly they styled their headbands making them a crowning glory! Try pearl-embellished headbands or oversized velvet headpieces; matched with the right outfit, they radiate out sophisticated vibes.



Joey and Pooh headbands available in a variety of embellishments, designs and colours can be your style partner. Browse through our eclectic collection of handmade headbands for adults. There’s something for every lady out there!

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