#FUTUREISFEMALE : Turban Headbands, More Power to Women

#FUTUREISFEMALE : Turban Headbands, More Power to Women

“Who run the World? GIRLS..!”

Taking cues from Beyoncé’s statement, the future is female.

Increasingly, women are found taking charge and bagging powerful positions in the corporate sector. The best part: they are coming forward, embracing their strength and voicing their opinions. From being timid housewives to outspoken global leaders, they have indeed come a long way. Their journey is truly awe-inspiring. More power to women!

At Joey and Pooh, we take immense pleasure in crafting fashion headbands for women. Trendy, eclectic and versatile, our embroidered headbands inspire to appreciate and respect you. The attention to detailing is incredible so is the choice of colours and embellishment. Playful, jewelled or neutral, we’ve headbands for every woman out there!

Ahead, explore our favourite 3 headbands inspired by women…

Alba Graffiti Headbands (available in colours Pink, Blue, Grey)



Life amuses us! And if you are a woman, the chances of being amused just intensifies. Filled with quirky slogans (about fun, WIFI and love) and daily adventure graphics, our Alba Graffiti headbands (in Pink, Blue and Grey colours) are simply adorable. Want to spice up your look? Bingo! Pop one of our Alba Graffiti headbands and you are ready to steal the spotlight.

The elaborate graffiti and pearl-and-bead detailing are beyond incredible. The meticulous craftsmanship deserves a big pat on the back. Plus, the colours in which they are available are extremely beguiling. When matched with the right outfit, these headbands will surely help you stand out.

Noah Graffiti Headbands (available in colours Blue and Black)



Inspired by the success of our bestselling Alba Graffiti headbands, we launched Noah Graffiti headbands and voila, it was an instant hit. Ladies, of all ages, love our headbands. Be in sundowners, lounge parties or holidays, our headbands are the perfect pick-me-up accessory.

The super-soft fabric, the holographic patches and the eccentric graffiti are absolute crowd-pullers. The key highlight of Noah Graffiti headbands, however, is off-the-wall slogans, like ‘girl boss’, ‘kiss whoever you want’ and ‘sassy since birth’ – celebrating the power of the pack, i.e. women. Women are driving change across the globe and we can’t be happier!

So, girls show your sass and enhance your personality with our gorgeous headbands! Shop now!

Betty Netflix Headbands



I am not weird… I am limited edition!

Netflix and Pizza!

Heavily embellished with these strong messages, our Betty Netflix headbands are irresistibly timeless. Unapologetic and insanely trendy, these headbands take you to the next level.  Set against an intense black background, the patchwork detailing is eye-catching as well as the pop of pastel shades. Adding in, the handiwork is so beautiful that it instantly catches attention and transforms you in to a ravishing diva.

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