How Social Media is Influencing the Headband Game?

How Social Media is Influencing the Headband Game?

That’s right, guys – 2019 is about to end. As we usher into a new year, let’s go back and see which sartorial trend didn’t just stick around but gained momentum drastically. Headbands for girls were everywhere; from runways to street-wear fashion to social media, headbands dominated all sorts of fashion spectrum throughout 2019.

If you are a social media junkie, you will see how this hair accessory has infiltrated the minds of ace influencers, fashion stalwarts and runway models – its chameleon-like attribute helps upgrade looks in a jiffy. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 3 of our favourite influencers who have taken the headwear trend a notch higher. From beguiling crystals to oversized velvet, get ready to shop gorgeous headbands that will surely blow your minds off:

Courtney Trop




This is BASIC! Get this headpiece in every possible colour.

Padded headbands have become an IT accessory of 2019. Be it formal or informal events, these hair accessories make you look stunning while adding a bit of edge. Like Courtney, channel your inner Waldorf and wear them with suitable dresses with a hint of colour. Let your creativity run wild. You can also wear these headpieces with a simple tie-dye shirt or a mini dress; either way, you will garner attention and admiration.

Headbands are perfect for highlighting a hue; use them prudently!

Stephanie Broek 




Heading to work? Pick sleek fashion headbands for girls that will complement your monochrome formalwear. They are available in an array of colours and designs. Take cues from Stephanie; the way she styled her yellow headband with a striped top and black skirt is simply awesome.

On days when you wear a simple outfit, pop in a headband and uplift your look of the day! Some may come in lustrous satin while few may feature heavy embellishment and leather base. The choice is yours; just pick up a headband you like and own the day ladies! After all, who has time to try elaborate hairstyles and braid their hair daily?!

Mitali and Summiyya




Sucker of accessories that play up feminine charm? Try Joey and Pooh headbands. They unleash quintessential boho vibe while making you ramp-ready. For inspirations, look up to the power duo Mitali and Summiyya and see how they have incorporated a lot of drama and sensuality in their look. With the right accessories and makeup, you can too sport a diva look – minus the hassles.


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