Interesting Things You Can Do With Your Old Clothes

Interesting Things You Can Do With Your Old Clothes

With the coronavirus crisis raging, the world over, people are taking all precautions they can. The biggest weapon against the spread of the virus is maintaining cleanliness and building one’s immunity. The other effective option is staying indoors as much as possible and avoiding crowded public places or large gatherings.

With most of us opting for the second option as a short-term measure, time is something all of us have managed to save. So, Joey and Pooh, the premier most brand selling the best fashion headbands for women, recommends you be productive in your free time and transform your old clothes into usable alternatives.

Cushion covers

You can transform your old stretchable t-shirts or discarded sweaters or even sarees and curtains into amazing cushion covers. The project is an easy one. All you have to do is measure the size of the cushions you have and get down to work. Cut two square, one slightly smaller in length than the other.


Cut a band of cloth to attach to the smaller one and make it as long as the larger piece. The line of attachment between the band of cloth and the smaller piece will be where you will sow buttons or a zip for the cushion or pillow to slide in. Now sow the pieces together and voila, you have your cushion covers ready.


If you have a large piece of cloth like a saree or an old curtain, especially if it is cotton, then you can get all your creative juices flowing. For here is an opportunity to paint something unique and enjoyable. All you have to do is get a box of fabric paints and a set of paintbrushes.


You can pin the cloth to your mattress and place a sheet of plastic beneath. Then begin painting to your heart’s content, and refer to the Internet for tutorials if you are hesitant about putting brush to cloth. Once you have dried your painting, get it framed and make it the showpiece on the best wall you have.


This project might be a little tough for those not acquainted with sewing. But for those who are a little more confident, well your old clothes can be marvellous pieces to refashion into stretchable and washable grocery or laundry bags. For instance, sew the bottom edges of a t-shirt and snip off the sleeves, shoulder and neck.

Now, braid together strings of wool or thin strips of discarded cloth for the two handles. Sew these together to the bag and there you have a fancy, printed handbag to flaunt before friends and family.

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