Joey and Pooh’s Reading List for You While You Stay at Home

Joey and Pooh’s Reading List for You While You Stay at Home

In times like these, we need to keep our morale high and confidence up. So we must start feeding ourselves lifestyle tips that begin at home. So why wait for outdoors life when we can have more fun indoors.

There is a whole world of things to do around your free time. Have you ever wondered what these are? Well, do not worry; we have prepared a short list of books to read this season to make the most of your quarantine time at home.

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

This biting satirical novel, a debut by Reid, was published late last year. It pivots on the protagonist, a 26-year-old black woman in Philadelphia. The protagonist, Emira, is charged with accusations of kidnapping her 3-year-old charge by a security guard in a shopping mall. The rest of the book covers what happens thereafter. Do read this pacey book till the finish and leave your ratings on GoodReads so others can catch on the craze.


The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates


The phenomenal book gives a call to break barriers with respect to helping women who are marginalised in societies across the world. The “good catholic girl” that Melinda had once been must have never thought she would one day own millions of dollars and be in a position to help those less privileged than her. Today, an avowed feminist, Gates writes, “For all of history, women and girls have been relegated to the margins, denied an equal chance to learn, lead, earn, thrive, and rise. Even today, there is nowhere on earth where women have achieved true equality.”


Resistance by Jennifer A Nielsen


This book, recommended for younger readers, might not, however, be suitable enough for too young a reader. It is centered on the story of a young Chaya Lindner’s life. Chaya’s life changes with World War II kicking off. Her family, small and happy, is forced to shift to a ghetto and live a miserable life. Things get worse when her sister is sent away to a concentration camp and her brother disappears. With no hope to hold on to, Chaya joins the Jewish resistance and begins peddling messages and medicines in the ghetto. A Holocaust story, this novel focuses on life in the ghettos of Polish cities during the painful years of the War.
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