Yellow… Not-So-Mellow: How to Sport This Bold Colour?

Yellow… Not-So-Mellow: How to Sport This Bold Colour?

Whether you’re trying to sport a statement look or simply want to add a dash of colour to a monochrome outfit, a vibrant burst of yellow is all you need.

Yellow is the IT colour of the season. The best part? You don’t have to be a pro to flaunt this zippy colour. Instead, you just have to introduce a bit of flair to your personality and S-L-A-Y.

Here are 5 ways you can enjoy a fling with yellow:

Phone Case

A trendy phone case in a vibrant shade of yellow makes quite a statement accessory. It’s the best way to glam up your everyday look. Plus, it’s going to give your phone a lot of compliments!



The number of times we pick up and put down our phones in an hour calls for a good phone case, right?

Sling Bag

Heading for a girl’s night out? Sleek sling bags in yellow helps grab brownie style points. Team them up with almost any attire and add some sass in your look.



Tip: If you are planning to sport a dazzling neon yellow bag, keep the outfit options minimal and monotone.

Crop Top

Crop tops are everywhere. They are dominating the runways as well as street-wear trends. They are gorgeous, fun and instantly up your style ante.



Currently, we are drooling over these yellow crop tops; they are too cute to miss! Pair them with some funky accessories – surely you’ll have all the attention in the world.

Nail Polish

Don’t know about others, but we at Joey & Pooh HQ love to pamper ourselves with a pretty manicure. Make Mondays less mundane with a quick manicure session and paint your nails yellow. It is a bright colour and will instantly pump up your mood for the day.



Fashion Headbands for Adults

Blair Waldorf’s fashion headbands for women fared well and how! We all know how she transformed simple flower headbands into iconic hair accessories and at Joey & Pooh we take it to the next level. 



Our Jacqueline Mustard Headband is a flawless embodiment of style, functionality and glamour. The choice of colour is incredible and so is the embellishment. The well-adorned rose twining lends character and charisma to the headpiece.

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