3 Cute Ways to Style Headbands for Adults

3 Cute Ways to Style Headbands for Adults

Knotted headbands for adults are pure love. Styling them is fun and easy. You can try so many diverse hairstyles with them. There are different ways to flaunt them.

If you are having a bad hair day or seeking a quick hairdo for short hair, the headband is an apt accessory for all kinds of special looks.

Women are in awe of headbands. Not because they are easy to wear but because they are attractive and looks great on everyone. Below, we’ve discussed the top 3 cute hairstyles you can try with your favourite headbands:

Sparkling Headbands for Events and Weddings

Good news! Sequined headbands are back.

The Golden Globes validated the trend, and since then, the Hollywood crew has been donning jewel-embellished headbands transforming a hairstyle from simple to iconic. Take cues from the top-notch celebrities and influencers. The social media feeds are abuzz with these headbands.



For weddings and parties, they are the best bet. The stone and crystal adornment lends a unique character to the headbands. If you are into vintage-fashion, you must check out these headpieces as well. Exuding royal vibes, they add a glamorous factor to your look making you a complete standout.

Turban Headbands for the Hippie in You

Available in glorious shades and patterns, turban headbands for adults are statement pieces to add to your style repertoire. They spice up your attire adding a pinch of zest to your look. Flaunt your beach curls with them. They help you ace that quintessential ‘boho-chic’ look. The vibrant splash of colours, the eccentric designs and the super plush fabric makes these headpieces sheer objects of desire, especially when you are on a holiday.





Turban design itself is one-of-a-kind. Along with keeping the locks of hair away from your face, turban headbands make sure you step out in style. So, now nail any beach look in a jiffy!

Also, they are perfect hair accessories for both long and short hair.





Scarf Headbands for Bad Hair Days

Agreed or not, we all suffer from bad hair days when our hair feels awful. A scarf headband is a quick fix.  In fact, it’s a great concept if you’re growing back your short bangs; just pull them up and tie with a headscarf. The outcome is fantastic. Create a massive impact with minimum effort!

Be it summer or winter, headscarves look equally impressive all season. They are even super flexible. All you need to do is just twist your scarf in a knot or bow and secure it tightly. It will keep your hair in place while making you runway-ready.




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