5 Headbands for Holiday

5 Headbands for Holiday

Passports: Check

Tickets: Check

Hotel Reservations: Check

Travel Itinerary: Check

Outfits: Check

Holiday Hair Accessories: ???????????????? (STILL UNCHECKED)


Vacations call for embellished turban headbands. They are trendy, smart and functional. From messy buns to beach-harrowed tresses to polished waves, they dress up any look and make you a stunner. In short, unkempt holiday hair is now a thing from the past… Courtesy eclectic headwears!

Below, we’ve handpicked 5 of our best holiday headbands for women – be it road trips, beach holidays, sundowners or safaris, they are an absolute travel must-have. Scroll ahead.


Detailing does matter! And our Hawaii headband with its fur embellishment is a clear winner in this front. The intricately designed flamingos and birds need a special mention as much as the subtle choice of colours. Together, they make this headpiece fun and flamboyant. Include it in your beach wardrobe. NOW.

Flora Bella

It’s in the name… Flora Bella headband is our classic ode to floral delicacy. It is versatile and super summery. If you want to radiate whimsical vibes while cheering the onlookers, this is an essential holiday accessory. Team it up with an easy-breezy maxi dress, a chic pair of sunglasses and create a statement look. Surely, you will steal the limelight!

Hello Bella

Yellow symbolizes happiness and the sudden bursts of pink add a touch of glam. If you want to jazz up your holiday special attire, choose Hello Bella headband. It’s one of our bestselling items and for all the good reasons.  The 3D sequined flowers set against a bright yellow background instantly uplifts mood and sets the tone. Gearing up for a beach date look? Pop it up and flaunt your sun-kissed tresses.

Freida Pink 

Fiery, fierce and fabulous! If that’s your style, you would love our Frieda Pink headband. Designed in the muted shades of pink matched with chunky golden hearts, this headband is simply irresistible. The fabric quality is amazing and the intricate detailing deserves attention. Add it in your travel packing list and create the most stunning runway look.

Phi Phi Peach

Splashed abundantly with vibrant hues in combination with dazzling beads and sequins, Phi Phi Turtles Peach headband is a head-turner. While the snazzy chevron strips lend a whimsical elegance, the adorable turtles tickle our hearts. Nothing screams BEACH VIBES more than this headwear. If you are looking for an instant wardrobe update, this is the best piece to buy RN.

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