Headbands: Your Favorite Autumn Accessory

Headbands: Your Favorite Autumn Accessory

Something about fall makes us swear by nothing but cashmere sweaters, tights, plaid skirts, headbands for girls – basically anything inspired by Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe when she attended Constance Billard School for Girls. Is it odd to say years later, a fictional character is still our biggest fall-fashion inspo?!

Either way, we are obsessed about turban headbands designed in eclectic colors and patterns. They are back in style and are cooler than ever before. They boast of inexplicable resurgences every few years and we can’t be more delighted. At Joey and Pooh HQ, we’ve always regarded headbands as the exclamation mark of a woman’s attire and here are four trends in headbands that are dominating the fall sartorial spectrum:

Material: Satin



Do you think satin can ever be off-trend? Absolutely not! Soft and shiny, satin has always been an absolute fashion favorite, especially during fall. The luxuriousness of the fabric feels chic and the muted undertones exude a sophisticated appeal. No wonder, the royals loved satin; fiercely flattering, it’s widely used to design fancy dresses, gowns and headbands.

Material: Velvet



In our minds, velvet is synonymous to opulence. It is a popular winter fabric as it’s both warm and fashionable. There are various types of velvet available in the market. You get velvet in synthetic bases as well as in silk. You can pick vibrant colors or subtle shades, either way, you will look elegant and poise.

Velvet headbands are still quite in trend. Don’t forget to browse through an eclectic collection of handcrafted headbands that are absolutely voguish and unique – inciting nostalgia in their own way.

Trend: Embellishment




Why we adore it? Embellishment gives life to an outfit. The ‘bling’ factor that it comes with is an instant wardrobe upgrade. It adds a dash of ‘zhush’ to even the most boring look. However, if you are not too much into glitz and glamour, go low on embellishments. A tiny piece of embellished headband or a pair of shoes won’t hurt anyone. For bolder looks, try elaborate gowns or sequined wrap dresses. Just make sure, the makeup is minimal.

Trend: OTT Headbands



Chunky headbands are the undisputed hero piece of 2019 fashion landscape. The bigger and bolder they are, the better. Want to jazz up your beautiful locks? Throw an oversized headpiece and SLAY! The cozy detailing is the icing on the cake.

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