Top 8 Fashion Magazines you can Access Online

Top 8 Fashion Magazines you can Access Online

The coronavirus pandemic has left countries reeling from economic slowdown because of the global lockdown nations have imposed upon themselves to abate the spread of the virus. People have not been stepping out of their homes for days and weeks now.

In such circumstances, it is important to keep your mood light and spirits uplifted. It is important to keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts and be hopeful and jovial. Joey and Pooh, keeping this aspect in mind, brings you a list of digital fashion magazines that you can flip through in your spare time.

Women Wear Daily


Popularly known as the fashion bible, this magazine brings together all the latest updates from the world of fashion and business news. It caters to a global readership comprising fashion designers, retailers, socialites and business moguls. It wields immense influence over the fashion world.



Everyone knows this one by name because it has managed to capture the fashion market by storm. What makes Vogue so relevant today is its cultural barometer of immediacy. Not to mention, it has been relevant for over a 100 years and the world of fashion swears by it.

Human Being


This magazine, published by the Virginia based lifestyle and apparels store Need Supply, is based on a down to earth, humble approach to fashion and lifestyle issues. Human Being brings through the intersection of fashion, culture and lifestyle in a subtle and meaningful way unlike any other magazine.



Contrary to its name, this fashion magazine is all about the latest trends on the street and high life of fashion. This magazine celebrates style as the meaningful form of self-expression, both through clothing and through words.



This, again, like Vogue, is a brand unto itself. Elle in its mission statement says it aims to inspire women to be themselves and express themselves as confidently as possible.



Meet popular bloggers on this platform; get to know riveting details about celebrity lives, get inspired to redo your wardrobe and marvel at fashions sales and boutique only with iFashion’s amazing range of content and features.



Stephanie J, a citizen of the UK, started this magazine in 2005 as a quarterly online publication. It was distinct, and eye catching for its eco friendly inclinations. It nurtures a robust community of craftsmen, fashion designing graduates, bloggers and writers.



Launched in 2000 by Joost van Gorsel, Iconique is a superb web experience that enables you to partake of virtual catwalks dominated by prominent and upcoming fashion brands and designers, stylish podcasts, exciting fashion iPod videos (vodcast), exclusive editorials, fashion news feed, photo shoots, beauty care and much more.

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