Turban, Velvet and Pearls: Padded Headbands Are the Latest Fad

Turban, Velvet and Pearls: Padded Headbands Are the Latest Fad

There’s something ‘incredible’ about padded headbands. More than just another ‘90s trend, they have emerged as an iconic sartorial choice more regal and refined than ever before: courtesy Miuccia Prada, who sent doll-like petite models down ‘the Spring 2019 runway’ donning gorgeous, puffed-up headbands!

Soon, the retro-chic headbands became the most buzzed-about hairpiece of the season and a broad array of celebrities and influencers (including The Duchess of Cambridge, Hillary Clinton, Pippa Middleton and the likes) were spotted flaunting the trend. Owing to their low-effort-high-impact attribute, they are now the IT-accessory of 2019, and below, we’ve highlighted 3 types of padded headbands you should slip on right now:

Turban Headbands

This new breed of headband is EPIC.




Millennial women adore turban headbands for adults. More than a symbol of preppy fashion, headbands are now epitomizing the feminine power. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our Noah Graffiti headbands for girls; the inspiring slogans, the quirky holographic patches and the subtle choice of colors are sheer crowd-pleasers. The comfort factor is a bonus. If you want to channelize your inner diva, pick one of these and S-L-A-Y! They clearly narrate “what being a lady” means; thus, highly recommended for the feminists out there!

Chunky Velvet Headbands

Exuding an ultra-luxe vibe, velvet headbands are deal-breakers. The extra padding makes them irresistible and insanely comfortable. Take cues from Prada’s Spring 2019 show. The celebrated designer styled the models in a girlish manner yet an element of darkness emanated out from their silhouettes – defined by the awe-inspiring hair accessories they wore. Thick, padded headbands were the pièce de résistance of NYFW.



Long hair or short hair, these headbands look good on all types of hairstyles. However, if you are a fashion stalwart, you would be delighted to know puff-sleeves and hatband combo is wreaking havoc this year. Hope now you know how to style your oversized velvet headbands!

Pearl-embellished Headbands

Next to diamonds, pearls are women’s best friend. They are polished and enigmatic. Now, imagine them being studded on a padded headband; the result is AH-MAZING.




Fortunately, pearl headbands are back in the spotlight. From Hailey Bieber to Chrissy Teigen, a motley of fashion-conscious ladies are fans of these statement pieces and we can’t blame them. At Joey and Pooh, we have a special pearl-embellished collection: Rachel Mustard headbands and they are an absolute masterpiece. The pearl detailing on plush mustard fabric is one-of-a-kind. Ideal for sundowners, cocktail nights and weddings!

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