A 5-Point Guide to Getting Your Formal Office-Look Right

A 5-Point Guide to Getting Your Formal Office-Look Right

Hey there! So, you have started going to work? Congratulations! But, are you in need of tips on how to get that perfect office-look? Fret not. Here is a detailed guide on how you can achieve that formal look with panache, from the right shirts to the right hair accessories for women. Your office look is an extension of your personality and it is important you get it right. So read on.
  1. Let your personality speak for you

Your personality is the most crucial part of your being and you are sure to project the best and most professional part of you when at work. Therefore, your work wardrobe should reflect who you are, though it should never give away what you do. If you are team leader, then your dressing should be suitably managed, it should be a notch higher in appeal than your team members’. Dress smartly.
  1. Avoid Cloning

You are what you wear. Try to dress as distinctly as possible. You can do this by observing what kinds of attire, materials, prints and styles your colleagues are sporting so you do not end up wearing something similar to them. Try to avoid typecasting your look. Simply put, it means try to sport a variety of styles rather than one look every day.
  1. Sizes matter

Wear clothes which fit you well. Ill fitting clothes, be they too tight or too loose, gives a very poor impression of you to peers and heads in the organizations. It is best to invest in a few pairs of good quality clothes than buying too many poor quality ones.  Crease free materials and well ironed clothes always give out the right signals professionally.
  1. Stick to the Uniform

If you are fortunate enough to be in a profession which requires you to sport a uniform, respect your uniform. Do not make changes — even slight ones — to the prescribed look. Always follow the rule book for what it is. The primary way to stand out despite your uniform is your appearance and how neat and formal it is.
  1. Hair and Grooming

When it comes to your hair, do not streak it in bold colours like red or blue. It goes against the formal code of work. Never oil your hair to work, especially if it is greasy and sticky with a strong after-smell. And do not forget to use a smart hair accessory to tame your hair like the universally accepted knotted headbands for adults in colours like black, grey or brown. When it comes to applying make-up, use subtle colours that do not look too flashy or loud.
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