How to Style Your Favourite Top Knot Headband?

How to Style Your Favourite Top Knot Headband?

Putting together a flawless beauty look is no mean feat. From your face to lips to eyes, each part of your makeup needs to be done perfectly. However, you can’t be runway-ready unless your hair is done. This is where top knot headbands come in. Dress them up or down depending on your event requirement.

Lately, headbands for girls are popping up everywhere. They are available in different designs and embellishments; loose curls or sun-kissed tresses, they add an eccentric twist to your everyday look passing you off as a true diva.

How to Wear Top Knot Headbands

Under Your Hair

The most standard way to flaunt your headband is by tucking your hair behind your ears and styling it with a classic hair band. This is the most feminine way as well, plus this is also a fabulous way to show off those messy curls without making your hair look flat at the roots!
Since the headgear is beneath your hair, it will add an extra bounce to your curls.

With a Ponytail

Personally, we are not much of a fan of a ponytail. But, if you are having a bad hair day and want to jazz up your hairstyle, try turban headbands teamed with a ponytail. These are the perfect hair accessories to add depth to your style and distract you and others from your roots.

Over Your Hair

Want to try an edgier look? Then put on your headband above your hair and treat it like a crown. Ideal for beach gateways and cocktail nights! It will keep your hair in place as well as help you score style brownie points.

Joey and Pooh Fashion Headbands for Women

If you find an influencer flaunting a cute headband, wait, it might be from Joey and Pooh; a one-stop-shop for dainty hair accessories available in myriad designs, embellishments and colours. The brand’s eclectic assortment includes a range of flamboyant headbands that feature top knots and turban styles.
Just think of all that holiday cheer and pick one of our favourite top knot headbands.
Tip: For festive seasons, stick by chic red ones that are perfect for Christmassy vibe!
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