Three Wedding Special Hairstyles to Swoon Over

Three Wedding Special Hairstyles to Swoon Over

In love with the headband? Great! But what if you had to dress up for your bestie’s wedding? Fret not. There is the headband for every occasion. And there are styles and hairdos for every party you plan to attend. Here we will guide you on what you should wear as your headpiece to your best friend’s wedding ceremony.

Embellished Turban Headband

Firstly, try the embellished turban headbands over a mermaid braid. Get your friends or your favourite stylist to start working on your hair by curling the ends to create volume. Then carefully make a Dutch braid through the middle of your hair volume.
You can choose to tassel out hair strands to give your hair do a textured and undone look. And then carefully place an embellished or bejeweled turban head band over the crown.
You can choose to pull out strands of hair and wind them over the lower edges of the headband to disguise them. To complete the look spray some hair spray onto your braid. Do be careful you do not ruin your stellar headband.

Twist Knot Headband

You can go in for face framing braids for this look. Just braid a small bunch of hair on either side of your face and let them fall naturally. You can use a mason brush to pull out the edges of your unbraided hair to give it some volume.
Now tuck in the ends of your unbraided hair to make a bun, its volume already increased by your having brushed it with a mason brush. Post that, slip on a twist knot headband with your braids hanging loose over the headpiece.
It would be best to choose a bejewelled headpiece to match your glittering outfit since it is a wedding you are attending. You could complete the look with jewelled pins to keep your bun in place.

Handmade Headband

If you have a weakness for handcrafted ornaments and dislike machine produced items, then go in for Joey and Pooh’s amazing array of handcrafted headbands for sale.
The hair style which would best suit your look is side swept waves. You can start by dramatically parting your hair on any one side you prefer. A reference point would be the end of your eyebrows for your parting.
Use a bristle brush to smoothen out any bumps and then slip on a hand crafted headband on to keep your hair parting in place. The handcrafted headband will highlight your parting like no other headpiece will.
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