Top 5 Blogger-inspired Hair Accessories

Top 5 Blogger-inspired Hair Accessories

It has been three decades, almost, since blog writing crept into the world of the internet. A patch of written text, usually personalised, slowly but surely began becoming an essential for websites to have as not only a side element but as a primary aspect. And, it is not a surprise then that blog writers, aka bloggers, have become the rage in the world of the internet. And so have their personal lives. Today there are social media influencers who can, through what they endorse unofficially, influence public opinion and action. Here is a list of hair accessories for women fashion bloggers have make us swoon over and want to own and flaunt.





Go Indian! Mang tikas, a tiny piece of jewellery worn where the forehead and your hair parting meet, is the Indian bride’s essential hair accessory. But it can also be worn by you as an ethnic accessory to your Indian wear, be it a lehenga choli or a salwar suit or a sharara. Shaped like a tear drop or a circular disc or even a long vertical design element, the mang tika is a must have in your wardrobe, just like fashion blogger Shristi Soumya’s.





Now for that creative spirit in you, it is blogger Aleena Macker’s turn to make heads turn by doubling a silver earring as a chic hair accessory. It can be done with a little handiwork. Take a chandbali, in silver, or if you are in the mood to wear heavy, gold, and fix it to your hair with as many bobby pins as needed. If the mang tika is too big or elaborate, it can be paired with small earrings or studs to balance the look.





Hair combs are an essential to your dresser, be it for that perfect party look or for that office look or for that wedding you had promised to attend. Aien Jamir’s hair accessory paired with a flowing white dress and brown sandals are a killer. So dig out that pretty silver hair comb and ace that gorgeous look like Jamir has done. Bonus points for adding fresh flowers to your hair do.

Matha pattis, a band of heavily jewelled ornaments worn on the head to enhance the face, are rare gems when it comes to their place in the line-up of hair accessories for women. It is specially suited for that exclusive bridal look so make sure you own one, just like Maia Sethna does.





There are many more hair accessories influencers have not put photos of out there, but they are worthy of a mention on this list. For instance, embellished turban headbands or embroidered headbands are a must have in your collection of hair accessories for their ultra stylish look and cost effectiveness. In fact, as an afterthought as if, Shristi Soumya’s Instagram photos show her sporting turban headbands of varying colours including a coffee beige one.

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