Top 5 Monsoon Style Essentials You Need RN

Top 5 Monsoon Style Essentials You Need RN

As much as we like watching raindrops running down our windowpanes while sipping a hot cup of cocoa on a typical monsoon afternoon… stepping out for work or college can be a real bummer. The clogged roads, traffic snarls and constant humidity add to the bitterness.

Our fashion choices, however, take the biggest hit. Here’s a rundown of 5 monsoon essentials to stock up this year to look your best. Scroll ahead.

Cute Printed Shorts

Though monsoon as a season is all drab and dreary, monsoon fashion doesn’t need to be so gloomy. Tropical printed shorts are absolute mood-lifters. And unlike your jeans or trousers, they won’t get dirty or stained if you have to step in a muddle. However, just make sure you pick fabrics that dry up easily.



Transparent Bags

Bags are necessary, even more during the monsoon. They protect your belongings in case you are caught under a sudden downpour. Plus, you won’t like to spoil your favorite leather handbag. Wet climate is detrimental to leather products. Instead, use clear transparent handbags. They are waterproof and their chances of getting ruined in the rain are almost negligible.

Pretty Umbrellas



Umbrellas are a life savior. When incessant rains badger you, snap up your umbrella and brighten your day. Look for colorful umbrellas. They are fun and can instantly prep up your mood. Be creative. You can even match them with the attire you are wearing. That will add detail to an otherwise lame ensemble.

Quirky Twist Knot Adult Headbands

Want to be a head-turner this rainy season? Pull up a quirky headband and add a dash of glam to your look. Fashion headbands for adults are the perfect hair accessory tool to enhance your personality. They are super snazzy, comfortable and available in a wide range of colors, designs and embellishments. Playful and quirky, there’s a headband styled to perfection for every lady out there; thanks to Joey and Pooh!

Nifty Sliders



It’s no brainer that your shoe choices need to be adjusted with the changing weather. No more can you wear those strappy sandals or edgy sneakers. Instead, you have to make your way towards waterproof sliders that look chic and drain water effortlessly. Thus, a total win-win!

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