Turban Headbands: The Key to Look Cool and Fabulous

Turban Headbands: The Key to Look Cool and Fabulous

Headbands can transform a boring look with minimal effort. If you think your outfit is lacking something, pop up one of our turban headbands for adults and make heads turn everywhere you go. Don’t believe us? Read on to find how and more!

Headbands are in use since the 1800s. Eons ago, royal ladies fell in love with the very idea of styling their hair with embroidered headbands stuffed with flowers, jewels and feathers. The trend was new for them and it instantly picked up pace. Since then, headbands have been dominating the style spectrum.

Of late, a wide array of different kinds of headbands is available in the market. Velvet, embellished, knotted, turban and woven are some of the most popular types. At Joey and Pooh, however, we specialise in women’s turban style headband. What’s great about our headpieces is that they can instantly update your style statement making you runway-ready 24/7. You just need a pair of chic sunglasses and a nice dress to complete the look.

Styling Turban Headbands

Voila! There are no rules as such… our trendy headbands available in myriad colours and embellishments can be dressed up and down. Suitable for all hair lengths and styles, they help you steal the spotlight while playing with your tresses. Ideal for weddings, sundowners, brunches, cocktails and beach holidays!


Ahead, we’ve penned down 3 of our latest fashion headbands for women that can be your best pick this season.  Check them out now!

Panzy White



Chunky neckpieces, long drop earrings and heavy-duty belts… they’ve come and gone. However, our Panzy White headband oozing out unabashed glamour works like a charm. The intricate detailing has our hearts. Plus, the colour combination is a classic. An absolute statement piece!

Louis Pearl Grey



Next to diamonds, pearls are women’s best friend and in this era of minimalism, what can be better than a pearl-embellished headband! Our Louis Pearl Grey is beautifully adorned with an abundance of pearls and crystals. The handiwork is worth appreciating. Bet, it will look fun and fabulous with most of your party outfits.

Ava Floral Mustard



If you are looking for a versatile headpiece, we’ve good news rolling your way. Ava Floral Mustard headband is the perfect amalgamation of style, refinement and functionality – adding character to your look. The peppy mustard colour and the intricate embellishment of bird sewn together with black, white and golden bead are incredible. They lend a ‘wow’ factor to the headpiece.

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