Tips for Trying out Meditation at Home

Tips for Trying out Meditation at Home

How many times prior to reading this have you tried to meditate and failed spectacularly? Do not feel embarrassed or, inadequate, we all have all been there, making elaborate arrangements to practice meditation even joining classes only to realize that it’s not for us.

We are currently going through a very stressful situation, which has rendered us restless. Meditation can really help us achieve the much needed calm and now that we are staying at home we have plenty of time, so along with posing in twist knot headbands to get that perfect Instagram shot, try to find time to devote to meditation.


But what about distractions? Don’t worry we have some quick tips for you to overcome every obstacle in your way.

But before we dive in lets quickly go through the benefits of meditation. It helps you manage stress, reduce negative emotions, increase your patience level, and get better sleep and good health, and God knows we need all of this now.



Here are some quick tips for you to help you practice meditation at home

Have a realistic goal

Let’s be clear about one thing we are not talking about the way you see monks mediate in monasteries. So, be real, we cannot even imagine the level of practice and effort that goes into the process. Have a goal that is achievable,  you need to calm your mind to deal with stress at hand and also to improve your mind through continued practice devoting some amount of time each day to meditate.


It’s doable and it does put you in the right mood

Get inspired

You need some inspiration to set the mood, since we are always surrounded by numerous distractions it takes a while to adjust to the idea of devoting say, 10 minutes to staying calm.


On YouTube, you can find so many videos on this, go through the ones that are for beginners. Don’t ape what they are doing just listen to the advice they offer and check out how they are doing it and see if anything inspires you.

Music to set the mood

Yes, music can have a soothing effect on your mind and set your mood for meditation, but, don’t play chartbusters, opt for instrumental music that are slow and help you calm down.

Find the right place

You cannot imagine meditating in a room full of people and your pets bustling around.  Pick out a room for your meditation session and lock the door. Sit on the floor and don’t forget to have a nice little mat. Make sure the corner of the room you choose is not distracting in any manner.

Wear comfortable clothing

You do not need to wear anything special for meditation but, if you want to be in the mood then wear comfortable, loose fitting cotton outfits. T-shirts and pajamas are the best, if you have long hair then keep your hair in place with one of those turban headbands for adults.

Set a timetable

It is a crucial decision, you should not aim for an hour-long session on the very first day. Be realistic and set aside 10 minutes each day for mediation during morning or, at night when there is less chaos outside.  Early morning would be just right for meditation. But be consistent, you have to maintain this schedule every day to bring an order into the process.

Prepare your mind

This is easier than you think, if you have followed instructions like “empty your mind”, before a session and have failed to do so then it’s absolutely ok. Although it is a sound advice, but, for us it is not easy to do as beginners.


You do not have to empty your mind, but, you have to keep distractions at bay. Thoughts will scurry around your mind but push them back and focus on a single strand of thought or, vision.

You could also light a candle to focus on, remember the mind will shift to other thoughts but, you have to control that. Don’t feel impatient it would take a while.

Don’t get into a complicated posture

You are going to meditate for the first time, so, sit up straight and relax. You don’t have to try out a complex asana pose to get into the mood, getting that posture right would only aid to distracting you.

Have patience

It might seem a little difficult for a first couple of days but, after then your mind would adjust and you will start realizing how calm and sorted you feel. As you start enjoying your meditation sessions, you would feel motivated to stretch the time to maybe 20 minutes a day.

Be an inspiration

During this rocky phase we all need to calm down, so, inspire others to practice meditation. Your friends, family could all do with a little peace. You can have a family meditation session at home for ten minutes every day, it would be such a rewarding experience for you all.

Meditation can put your mind in a better shape, so, practice and maybe you could also join a class later when things get back to normal.

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